Saturday, May 12, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

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If you haven't noticed (which given my whopping 8 followers, is very likely!), I have to confess - I've been a little MIA lately.  My last post was over a month and a half ago!  So in case you're wondering why (and even if you're not!), let me tell you...

I have happily entered into the world of "seriously dating."  :) 

Over the last seven years, I've been on dates...many dates...lots of first dates, some second dates, and a handful of third dates.  But most of the time by date #3 I've decided that for one reason or another things are going nowhere fast - some are pretty entertaining, some are jaw-dropping, and sometimes it was just plain, old I'm-not-feeling-this-so-let's-not-waste-each-other's-time. End of story.

This time things are different.  He makes me happy, I'm pretty sure I make him happy, and we decided over a month ago to call things "serious."  It's exciting and new and, to be completely honest, maybe even a little scary...this is uncharted territory for me!  And maybe sometime soon I'll post more about that...

In the meantime, my apologies for getting wrapped up in my new relationship.  But I'm loving life right now!  I know some of you are reading this and thinking, "Seriously?!  I so don't want to read about this because it's never going to happen for me and I'm so sick of hearing about everyone else's perfect life."  I know some of you are thinking this because I've been in your shoes before and I totally get it.  I hated hearing about all these super cute couples and everyone's picture-perfect life when I was struggling to be the sole parent for my daughter.  So please forgive me.  I will try to keep my relationship talk to a minimum, although I'm going to have to mention it from time to time.  But also know that no matter where this new relationship leads, I will always have a passion for single parents because that's the life I've known for so long now.  Someone recently asked me when they heard about the new beau, "What about the single mom program you help with at church?  What will happen with that?"  Well, it's gonna keep on going and I'm gonna keep on helping!

Even though my head may be in the clouds, I will try my darndest to get back on track and begin regularly posting again...I've missed the blogging world!

So welcome back, my dear readers, and I hope you'll welcome me back with open arms!

To celebrate my return and in honor of all my fellow amazing single mothers, I'm going to do my first give away this coming stay tuned!


  1. Really no reason to apologize for getting wrapped up in a new relationship unless you've blatantly ignored your friends or other relationships in your life. I'm no mother, so I guess I really don't know anything, but of course I wish you luck.


    1. Don't know anything...puh-lease! Mother or not, you're definitely the aunt of the century with all your nieces and nephews! :) And I'll always gladly take any advice from my BFF!
      No blatantly ignored friendships here...I feel like we're both pretty good at balancing our relationship with friendships/time to ourselves...which speaking of...looking forward to a night out with you soon!

    2. Yep, we are definitely good at the balancing act! Glad we've kept each other top of the list, in the midst of it all.

  2. I'm so happy for you!

    Happy Mother's Day, Sarah!

    1. Thank you, Anne! You too! Hope it's been a good one!

  3. I felt it completely appropriate to leave a comment. We are so happy that you and your beau are "seriously dating".

    And the whole single mommy thing and what would happen should your status change. I think any time we go through any life changing experience we can always use it to our own good or to help others. We never know what our circumstances could ever be but isn't it great we can help others through our trials of learning and heartache. Wheter it be single parenting, divorce, illness, drug addictions, etc. we can always use those experiences. And all those experiences makes us better and stronger. Your such a sweet girl. Frankie

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Frankie!

      And you are so right...we can always take whatever life throws at us and turn it into something good...